Girls’ Weekend In

Hello, friends! I hope your Mondays were as bearable as possible. My schedule has been a bit thrown off for the past few days because I’ve been house-sitting for my parents and, at the same time, hanging out with my youngest sister (Baby Chip–remember her? 🙂 ). There was a lot–and I mean a lot–of cooking and baking that went on in our house during our time together (including the brownies you see above, which I whipped up for my sister’s friend’s 16th birthday).

What can I say? When I’m bored, I bake. When people are hungry, I bake. And oftentimes, even when people aren’t hungry and we really have somewhere else to be, I bake.


One of the projects that Baby Chip’s been begging me to take on since I started blogging was a homemade black and white cookie. For those of you not from the New York area, these little gems consist of thick, cakey cookies that are flat on the top and rounded on the bottom (well, actually, you ice the bottoms, but that’s neither here nor there) and doused in a delicious sugary glaze–one half chocolate, one half vanilla.

Now, Baby Chip only likes the vanilla halves. So technically I suppose these should just be called “white and white cookies”…but whatever. We dyed the glaze pretty colors and had a lot of fun making the counters sticky and taste testing what turned out to be a pretty delicious facsimile of those store-bought guys.

We followed Joy the Baker’s recipe to the letter, so I won’t bother posting it here. I will say that ours baked for a lot less time–her recipe called for 15-17 minutes of baking time, and ours were done after 11. Watch those cookies carefully!

We wound up with these lovely puffy clouds of buttery goodness…

Which turned into…

Tada! Even some fall festivity in there. In my opinion, these cookies are best when eaten right out of the fridge–letting the icing set and really meld with the buttery flavor of the cookie brings it closer to that bakery-fresh taste.

Wanna see some more highlights from our weekend? Of course you do.

Weekend mornings are just infinitely better when pancakes are involved. And these had strawberries! (I know what you’re thinking: “Where’s the chocolate?!” I was trying to be [moderately] good, because…)

A sisters’ weekend is also not complete without a Chinese takeout night. (Yes, our meal of choice is chicken and broccoli. It helps us pretend it’s healthy. There are vegetables involved.)

Anyone care to explain those to me? Let me know. I’d love some insight into my apparent future.

And, finally, make-your-own-pizza night. So easy and fun! My pizza, half with broccoli/tomato/chicken and half with marinara and cheese (and a little more chicken). …And Baby Chip’s. All. Cheese. Plus some leftover baked ziti thrown on there for good measure. The girl has no need for crust, let me tell you.

So while my parents can rest assured that their house is still standing, I can’t say anything about how well-stocked their pantry and fridge might be. Oops.

12 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend In

  1. Black & white cookies make me immediately think of that Seinfeld episode, lol. I like how you made them different colors! I’m with Baby Chip, the vanilla part is always my favorite too 🙂

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