A Weekend Hiatus, and Some News!

I’ve been livin’ life on the road the past couple of weeks for sure. Last weekend I had a wine and chocolate getaway in upstate New York–more about that is coming soon, but I want the post to do it justice! And this weekend, my family and I are taking our annual ski weekend in Vermont. I guess if the winter won’t come to me, I’ll go to winter? So not my usual MO.

Anyway! I don’t have a recipe or a restaurant review for you this week, but I do have something else fun.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted with excitement about being accepted as a contributor to Big Girls Small Kitchen College, an awesome site that specializes in culinary, entertaining, and life advice for the college and recently-graduated-20something crowd.

Well, my first piece went up this week! Every contributor creates a College Town Tour that gives the ins and outs of eateries, shopping locales, and other sites in and around their college’s town or city. And while I might not be in college anymore, that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my favorite haunts–not by a long shot (I still wake up sometimes and wish I could go to our campus dining hall for Nacho Fridays. Seriously, what better way to celebrate the impending weekend?).

Take a look at my write-up here! And if you’re so inclined, swing by and check out my contributor bio–it’s all the way at the end thanks to the pesky laws of alphabetization (sigh). I’d love to hear what you think!!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends as I’m careening down a mountainside and sipping cocoa by the fire. 🙂

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