Cookies ‘n’ Creme Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is about a kajillion degrees in New York right now. That’s scientific precision, mind you. For once, I was grateful for the chance to hibernate in my super-duper-air-conditioned office all day long, hiding from the heat and humidity that hit me like a wall the second I stepped out the door. (It also helped that yesterday was Office Tenant Appreciation Day so our building gave everybody free gelato. Heck yessss!)

Now, there is no way I am going near my oven in the magma swamp that my apartment has become. But! I did bake up these fabulous cookie surprises last weekend, before simply getting off the couch become a feat to be praised. One of my coworkers was celebrating a birthday, and I–naturally–volunteered to cater the sweet portion of the lunchtime festivities.

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(Mis)Adventures in 5Ks


In my efforts to continue to prove that I do more than bake and eat what I bake, here’s another glimpse into my running life!

This week, I participated in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge along with a group of other runners from my company. The race is a little more than a 5K–3.5 miles, to be exact–around the lake in Central Park.

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Warm Balsamic Green Beans for #SundaySupper

Summer time is upon us! To me, that means evenings that stretch into forever and–especially this year, thanks to my CSA–lots and lots of fresh produce. And to celebrate the start of the summer months, the #SundaySupper group is focusing on “Simple and Fresh Summer Recipes.” And this week, we even got to try out a new product…

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Invisible Cookie Dough Ice Pops, and The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook

In high school, my friends and I were those girls who bought the packages of Break-and-Bake cookie dough…with no intention of actually making cookies. As far as we were concerned, those babies were snack-ready, and the perfect accompaniment to movies like Chocolat andBenny and Joon(we had a little bit of a Johnny Depp thing, back in the day).

I’d like to tell you that as I’ve matured, my palate has as well…but that’s really not true. I mean, unless I get points for preferring cookie dough that’s made from scratch to the kind in the tube. Because that distinction I will get behind 100 percent. There’s nothing like the taste of creamed butter, brown and white sugar, aromatic vanilla, and crunchy chocolate chips. And while I’d like to avoid getting salmonella as best I can, I’ve been known to taste my fair share of egg-included cookie dough, consequences be damned.

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