Good Eats: Amada

One of the things I look most forward to in the summer is a weekend (two, if I’m lucky!) getaway at the Jersey shore. There’s something about a place where (a) a bathing suit top and shorts are legitimate hangout garb and (b) ice cream is part of a balanced daily diet that just instantly puts me at ease.

This past weekend, Charlie and I soaked up some sun (after dodging some sneaky raindrops on Saturday–I would not be deterred!); ate a sweet, syrupy stack of Sunday morning pancakes; and were generally beach bums together. And it was glorious. But before commencing Project Laziness, we stopped off in Atlantic City on Friday night for a dressed-up dinner date and some fun at the game tables!

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Peanut Butter Protein Bars and a Giveaway! [closed]

So, can we agree that the Fourth of July is just weird this year? I mean, it couldn’t get more awkward than having a holiday that is just made for weekend BBQing on a Wednesday. Of all days.

When do you take your long weekend? Do you take vacation on Monday and Tuesday and then still have the tail end of a week left? Or, do you call out Thursday and Friday and have a post-Fourth party. (Or are you like me, and not in possession of enough vacation days to take any time off? True story. Bummer.)

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