Summer CSA Vegetable Salad

Whew, what a week I’ve had.

I moved into my new apartment over Labor Day weekend! After carrying boxes and pieces of furniture and assorted pieces of my life up and down staircases for the entirety of Saturday, I felt–and looked–like I’d been beaten up. I don’t even remember colliding with my dresser, but the bruises on my shins beg to differ.

Plus, I start my classes at NYU this week! I’ll try really hard not to look too eager to take tons of notes and raise my hand to participate again. (I will fail, I assure you.)

I was also featured in Rachel Cooks’ “Day in the Life” series yesterday. If you’re as nosy about the everyday ins and outs of other bloggers lives’ as I am, check it out!

For twelve weeks this summer, one of my coworkers and I participated in a vegetable CSA at our building. Every Wednesday, I was inundated with what felt like bushels of kale, beets, garlic scapes, and assorted other greens (most of which I’d never cooked with). It was a fantastic learning experience–Lord knows I never would have made a Guyanese coconut rice with cabbage and black eyed peas otherwise–but I’m pretty relieved it’s over, if we’re being honest. I feel terribly guilty wasting food, and surviving on a diet of 80 percent vegetables was starting to wear on me.

The second to last week of my CSA was a jackpot, though: sweet corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and wild spinach. The very first thing that jumped into my head was a fresh summer salad that would take advantage of the bright variety of flavors that week’s basket packed.

To get the recipe, head over to Big Girls Small Kitchen College!

16 thoughts on “Summer CSA Vegetable Salad

  1. Hey! I just read your post on pbfingers, I live in NYC too (well I love in Brooklyn but work in Manhattan) I’ve been looking to get involved in some sort of volunteer work and would love to learn more about your group! Would you be able to point me in the right direction of who I could talk to?

  2. Hey Tara! I actually found you via PBFingers and was so intrigued by your guest post about NY Cares that i just signed up for an orientation next week! I wanted to thank you for sharing your story and let you know I already love your site; Your About Me section was like reading my own likes/dislikes list lol! πŸ™‚

  3. Eek! Good luck with school chica!!

    That’s the same way I felt about my CSA last summer…a great learning experience but I needed to take a break this year from doing it again! Off to go check out that salad!

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