Brown Butter Brown Sugar M&M Cookies–Cookie Swap NYC!

bb cookie swap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cookie baking time! And well, Christmas time, but cookies and Christmas have always sort of gone hand in hand for me.

One of my favorite blogger events of the year is the NYC Cookie Swap, which has been held for the past two years at Hill Country NY. The spread this past Sunday was–if possible–even more incredible this year, and I loved hanging out with the fabulous crowd of attendees.


(Re: the photo above–it was 5 o’ clock somewhere. Who would know this swap started at 11 a.m.??)

hill country

In addition to the mouth-watering spread of mac ‘n’ cheese, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, green bean casserole, cornbread, chicken, and brisket they provided us for lunch, Hill Country also laid out the spread above for us to munch on as we arrived. You can just make out the biscuits and honey butter in the bottom right corner–be still, my heart!


Gail from One Tough Cookie always brings an absolutely show-stopping treat. How adorable are these Western-themed cookies?!

cookie collage

These photos don’t even do justice to the array of cookies brought by bloggers from around the tristate area. If I didn’t think I’d keel over and die of sugar shock, I’d dig into the bunch I brought home right this second. I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Kelly Bakes, the delightful Souffle Bombay and her sparkly assistant, the sweet Mango Queen, and The Experimental Gourmand (who has me dreaming of colcannon!). Of course, what foodie event would be complete without Abby Dodge, Jennifer Baker, or Tasty Pursuits??

Huge thanks to Bloggers Without Borders, the wonderful organization that hosts this event (two of its blogger extraordinaires are Maggy and Lillian, who helped get me into blogging in the first place way back when). Their work to raise awareness about the injustices in our food system is so admirable.

And this year, they’ve been partnering with WhyHunger, a group seeking to end hunger and poverty by enabling people to obtain food that’s both nutritious and affordable. I think anyone who reads food blogs can agree: Food is about more than just the calories. It’s about community, and health, and sustainability, and more. I was happy to have donated to WhyHunger just by buying a ticket to the swap!

bb cookie collage

The recipe for the Brown Butter Brown Sugar Cookies I made comes straight from Jessica at The Novice Chef–I added M&Ms, but otherwise the only change I made was baking them for 8 minutes instead of 10-12. My college roommate (D, the med school photographer!) dubbed them “crack cookies.” Are you ready to make yourself a batch yet?!

Thanks to NYC Cookie Swap, I’ve officially started my holiday cookie hoarding. Now, would you believe I’ve got four dozen more cookies cooling on my kitchen table as we speak? Oh, Food Blogger Cookie Swap, how you tempt me…

12 thoughts on “Brown Butter Brown Sugar M&M Cookies–Cookie Swap NYC!

  1. Lovely to meet you too! I shared one of your cookies with my coworker and she said it was the perfect start to her Monday! Also, Diana was tickled to hear that I met you; she says hello! 🙂

  2. Hi Tara! What a pleasure it was to meet you at the NYC Cookie Swap, a favorite holiday event! This is a great recap! Thanks for the kind mention & link to my blog ~ so weet of you. I enjoyed sitting across from you and hearing all your stories..Happy Holidays & I’ll be back for more of your recipes & posts!

  3. Nice having me you! Once I met up with my mom and niece in Times Square, Samantha showed her “cookie haul” to her 8 year old cousin and your was the one she went for. She loved it! I didn’t so much as get offered a crumb lol! Happy Holidays!!

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