CCH on the Move: A Disney Foodie Recap


Well, friends. My little bloggy has been sadly quiet as of late. Stepping in to save the day and fill that void is my darling sister, Megan (aka Middle Chip), who was lucky enough to do some traveling over Spring Break this year. And of course, like any good sister of mine, she wrote about everything she tasted. Get ready for a day-by-day review like no other!

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NYC Eats: Molly’s Cupcakes

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to have one of my closest college friends come to New York to visit. In addition to doing the “typical” city stuff like taking in the Met, wandering through Central Park, and waiting waaaay too long for the subways thanks to those pesky weekend schedules, my friend C also made it clear that she expected there to be some fabulous cupcakes making an appearance in our day.

Well, I mean, if you’re going to twist my arm…

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PB Fingers Book Club: The Book Thief

We’re taking a brief hiatus from the foodie world today (although there’s still time to enter the Runa giveaway!!) to talk about my other loves: books, and getting lost in them. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately!

I’ve never been much of a historical fiction reader–except when it comes to World War II literature. Number the Stars was one of my favorite required reading books in elementary school, and I did several reports on the time period for other classes as well.

So when Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers picked The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, for this month’s book club discussion, I was beyond psyched. I happened to have just scored a copy through a World Book Night promotion I did with my real-life job, and its praises had already been sung by my roommate.

Sugarlicious: A Book Review and Giveaway!

Meaghan Mountford’s Sugarlicious: 50 Cute and Clever Treats for Every Occasion is bursting with whimsical baking and craft ideas, from Farm Animal Snack Cakes to Milk Shake Cake Pops.

As you might be able to guess just by looking at the cover, quirky fonts and mouth-watering photography adorn every page. And even though she’ll tell you how to cover petit fours with homemade fondant, this book is completely novice-baker-friendly. Believe it!

To read my full review and to enter a giveaway to WIN your very own copy of Sugarlicious, head on over to Big Girls Small Kitchen College!