Easy Strawberry Chiffon Pie (aka Mother’s Day “Pink Pie”)

Well, we’re a little behind here at Chip Chip Hooray. I know Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, but I had quite the busy weekend! I scooted to Philadelphia for a party at my alma mater (a post solely dedicated to that epic cake is in the works) and then spent all Sunday with family, celebrating my mom and the baptism of my cousin’s baby daughter. Whew!

So even though this pie got made for Mother’s Day (and is pretty much all eaten by now), it’s only just making an appearance in the blogosphere this week. That’s life, right?

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Strawberry Yogurt Scones

I have never won a raffle in my life.

And it’s not for lack of trying, people. I never gave up hope–every parish festival, every sports team fundraiser, I valiantly threw money into the bin for that particularly enticing basket of (often chocolatey) goodies, or donated to buy into the 50/50. All for naught! I became convinced that I was luckless, doomed to find only tails-up pennies and probably step on one too many sidewalk cracks.

That is, until I started winning blog giveaways.

…and kept winning.

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