Cookies ‘n’ Creme Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is about a kajillion degrees in New York right now. That’s scientific precision, mind you. For once, I was grateful for the chance to hibernate in my super-duper-air-conditioned office all day long, hiding from the heat and humidity that hit me like a wall the second I stepped out the door. (It also helped that yesterday was Office Tenant Appreciation Day so our building gave everybody free gelato. Heck yessss!)

Now, there is no way I am going near my oven in the magma swamp that my apartment has become. But! I did bake up these fabulous cookie surprises last weekend, before simply getting off the couch become a feat to be praised. One of my coworkers was celebrating a birthday, and I–naturally–volunteered to cater the sweet portion of the lunchtime festivities.

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