Food Bloggers’ Saturday in NYC

food blogger group DBGB

I know I am not the first blogger to say this, but I am really ready for spring. I sat in my office on Monday and watched snow blow in off the river all afternoon. I want to put my boots away. No more scarves. No more hair frozen on the subway platform during my morning commute. No more nearly dropping my work phone because I can’t grip the slippery little devil with gloves on.

When a few of us New York bloggers welcomed Erin of The Spiffy Cookie to our city last weekend, we were lucky enough to see sunny skies. But as you’ll be able to tell from the photos, that didn’t stop us from needing to bundle up against the blustery breezes. Hey March—you’re supposed to go out like a lamb. Didn’t you get the memo?

When Erin arrived last Friday night, refueling was of the essence. After a stop at my favorite neighborhood Thai place (omg, get the chive pancake…life-changing), we of course made a stop for cupcakes. (How did I know she and I were going to be friends? The next morning, as we were getting ready to head out to brunch, a square of leftover mini baklava cheesecake became pre-brunch breakfast. That’s how you do it, people.)

We were so sad to discover upon waking on Saturday morning that the lovely Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures ran into car trouble on her way to the train station. She wound up not being able to join us, and we missed her tons! Erin and I took this picture on the way to brunch in Tracey’s honor:

erin cookie sign

A blogger trip to Tracey’s neck of the woods is definitely in order sometime soon—or at least a reprise of our NYC outing.

Anyway, we arrived at DBGB and met up with a team of total all-star bloggers (pictured at the top of this post): Lauren, the founder and culinary genius behind Keep It Sweet Desserts; Joanne, the MD/PhD student who somehow manages to also have a blog called Eats Well with Others; Jennifer, a transplant to NYC from Mississippi who takes gorgeous photos and has a drawl that charmed the pants off me (it’s true, Jen!), from Bake or Break; and Kayle, the soon-to-be starlet who happens to live in my neighborhood, from The Cooking Actress.

The food was delightful, and we all liked the alcove seating that let us be overexcited about runny eggs and chevre-stuffed omelets. You might be surprised to hear that we turned down dessert. But why bother when Lauren brought with her a box filled with these:

cookie hoard

Erin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Half and Half Cookies, and samples of Keep It Sweet Desserts’ most popular items. Aka how we made an entire level of Whole Foods’ cafeteria jealous.

erin cookie

Lauren continues to be one of my favorite people on the planet, since she remembered to bring her Black and White Blondies. (If I had children, I might consider selling one of them to you for these bars.) She also brought a recent cookie of the month, the Smoked Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies—fleur de sel junkies, take note. There was a Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie that was to die for. But the goodies that stole my heart from her giant box? The Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies. One of my Instagram friends dubbed this the “turducken” of baked goods—but a million times better because of the chocolate and peanut butter combo. Just look:

oimg cookie

You’re welcome. Or I’m sorry. Either would probably work.

In a fruitless effort to walk off the cookies we’d scarfed down, we brought Erin to Fishs Eddy, a super quirky and fun home goods store. I found a couple of cute prop plates for 99 cents each (one of which made its debut on Monday!), and we even found some kitchen tools for giants:

erin spider

me masher

We had to say goodbye to Erin and send her on to her adorable nephew’s first birthday party. But it was a blast to hang out with these girls in person, and hopefully there are more foodie events in my future. 🙂

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